Another Deer hair diver.

A different color setup,

The black gives a good contrast against the light colors.
A good silhouette for Northern Pike to follow and also good to follow for me as well.

Just a few more pics just for fun:

Have a nice fishery,



Deer hair diver.

At the tying desk again,

During summer season I cast a lot of topwater flies.
Deer hair divers are favorite and add a great fun to your fly fishing.
I've got some variations of them.. with the splayed out feathers, long synthetic fibers and with a bunny tail as well.
The hides of those bunny strips seems to have a lot of stretch in them.. It seems this inhibits the diving capability. (Just a thought.)

The hides of finn racoon zonkers strips have less stretch, so there you go..

About a piece of 3 inch will do and have just the right movement you are looking for.

By the way.. if you're looking for a new very good deer hair packer, I can highly recommend ya this one:
SF Fugly Packer

Have a nice fishery!



The Prey Clone_Fly

A new type of Pike fly i've been working on lately.
Uses: Flex Tube XL (Tail and Prey fish.)
DNA holo fusion and some long rooster saddles on top.
Some fur as chin and end tail.
Much of the hookshank been kept clear, to keep some space for the prey fish.
I've only used some mylar cord to decorate it.

Have a nice fishery,



Peacock Bass Poppers

A few poppers for Peacock Bass.
Provided with a breath of paint and scaled foil (Also done by the undersigned.)

A lot of work went into these bass poppers, but very rewarding to tie them.




Wooly Mouse

lots of snow and ice over here in Holland.
So more time to tie flies rather than fly fishing for the esox brigade..

Wooly mouse:




The fly that bites back

An eight year old boy asked me, can you tie a black piranha.
Don't know I said but I'll die trying for ya.
It's such a nice little fellow, so I decided this one is from the house!

The fly that bites back! lol