The fly that bites back

An eight year old boy asked me, can you tie a black piranha.
Don't know I said but I'll die trying for ya.
It's such a nice little fellow, so I decided this one is from the house!

The fly that bites back! lol




Coming up one angel!

Busy times

Every time I want to post out, something comes in between.
Nevertheless.. Here is one of those flies I've recently have been tied.

I Hope this make a little bit up a my absence.

Kind regards,



Another cuddly pike toy.

A Fat (fancy) Bastard woolhead.

Really have tried to push some boundaries on this one..

Cut into shape.. in the last phase the cutted wool almost get airborne (Thickness of one single fiber approx 24 micron.)

If you pack them really tightly, than you've kept some serious silhouette after cutting into desired shape. (Picture above is the rear end of this pike fly.)

I've been using the Partridge -Ad Swier- absolute pike fly size 4/0 and 6/0 for this articulated pike fly.
(Right picture: formed, unformed shape.)

Some pics just for the fun of it..

Its seems a little bit insane to take so much effort for a pike fly..
after a few takes this 'fly' looks like some kinda ancient battlefield flag. (And I'm just lovin it! lol)

Have a nice summer fishery,



Articulated woolhead for pike. (Quick update.)

It's been far too long.. maybe, just maybe.. I have to introduce myself again... Hi i'm Raymond! How are you?!

Very busy lately, So it will be a fast posting to keep my friends satisfied and this blog alive..

Starting with a tandem rig hook for this pike fly, you guys in the US and CDN call this articulated right?

Solid steel wire
Mylar cord (Removed core.)
Eumer plastic tube small
Eumer silicone tube (matching the small tube)
Hook TMC 600SP Size 4/0
Hook Partridge Predator X Size 8/0

Materials tied on to rear hook, into the following order:

Bucktail large, color Hot pink and Fluor pink (Blended.) Tied in bend back style.
Saltwater mirage opal, tied in full lenght.
Micro barb saddles Ginger (4pcs.) Grizly barred (3pcs.) Tied in medium sizes.
Schlappen feathers 5-7" color White, orange, hot pink and fluor pink. Tied in layers on top of the hook shank.
Arctic fox in three colors: white, orange and fluor pink. Tied in with a dubbing loop. Hackle lenght aprox. 2.5'' (Gives a nice color shade I tell ya!)

2.5 inches ready to hackle

Materials tied on to front hook, into the following order:

Bucktail large, color Hot pink and Fluor pink (Blended.) Tied in bend back style.
Schlappen feathers 5-7" color White, orange, hot pink and fluor pink. Tied in layers 4pcs. on each side of the hook shank.
Saltwater mirage opal, tied on three quarters of a lenght.
Micro barb saddles Ginger (4pcs.) Black (3pcs.) Tied in -narrow- large sizes.
Arctic fox in three colors: black, orange and fluor pink. Tied in with a dubbing loop. Hackle lenght -see picture above- aprox. 2.5''
Two micro barb saddles size large color: Grizly bared. Tied in on each side of the hook shank. 
(I've replaced the white for black to get more contrast into the front of this pike fly.)
Wool in for colors: orange, pink, white and black. Tightly packed in several layers and cut into 'oval' shape. 
Embellishment (optional) Mallard flank feathers. Two medium and two small sizes.
Round rubber legs size large. Colors: hot pink, fluoro pink and hot orange. (Those transparent ones!)

End result..

All the best,



Prey fish

There are many different Bait fish patterns, mostly tied up with synthetic hairs. (Don't get me wrong, they are fine and I used them to.)
And then there are 'the other synthetics' like tubes for instance.. which gives a fly tier a lot of new possibilities.
I started to experimenting with those kinda tubes, with several different patterns say about two years ago.. I have try to develop some of those patterns and this is one of them like it is now.

Very useful if one use them well..

Prey Fish_Hazy Blood. (Purple UV/Red and Fluoro blue.)

Mason hard mono in-line secured limiter, with bead rattle (~tick~tick~tick~tick~tick.. lol)

The length of these flies are about 6 inches.

Prey Fish_Roach. (White UV & Pearl Shimmer/White and Fluoro Orange.)

Just the other side..


Again with rockin' beads!

other matters..

I like to use short shank hooks regarding to these Flylipps™  Keep in mind that the lip is the central point, and whatever is behind it would be created resistance for your beloved 'swimming' action.
Hook sizes.. they advice to max. 2/0 I've used size 3/0 because I'm stubborn and it seems to be working well.
finally.. you really have to set that fly lip to the right angle, not really to dive so to speak. {-;

Kind regards and have a nice week,



Lucky Frog Lure

Like that Pearl Jam song.. I'm still alive!

Very busy at the mo, which kept me from postin' to my blog.. i also noticed that I've got a few new following friends.

thanks man, much appreciated!

I recently received a request from a customer of JP from Lucky Lures  It's a fellow country man, and he makes all kind of lures.
One of those lures is a Lucky Frog which's molded on to a steel wire, with in mind that a fly tier can tie in a body of fur etc.

There goes a lot of materials into it.. (NO SHIT!)

It's for spin fishing purpose of course, so the weight wouldn't be the problem.
So i blended a-half-a-ton of northern buck tail and another-half-a-ton of fur..   I've used the bend back technique, to create some volume for the body.


The requester said he like the use of colours kept natural, so what i did was honouring those used colours of the head regarding my tying.
He rather wanted a froggy kinda action regarding the tail section.. further on i was given free mind.

Remarkable how things came about sometimes..

Two whole different ways of 'building lures', comes together as one.. and the outcome is something like this:

Well i certainly not going to tie these ones on a regular base, but it felt like a great honor to be asked for this.. I never take it for granted.

tight lines and bending rods!