The Fat Bastard_Wool heads. (''The try out story'')

I've received a warm welcome, within the pike fly scene in the past week.
Many thanks for that guys!
Haven't spent much time behind my vise the past days, so i'm gonna display another two recently tied flies related to my first post.

This two were my first attempt to stack the synthetic fibers, after some roughly trimming i soon find out that it wasn't so hard to get a decent shape out of it.

Left picture left hand roughly trimmed, on the right side the 'uncut' rough shape.
the thread i've like to use is the same as for spinning my dear hair flies, a UNI Cord GSP 12/0 50 denier.

The purple one was given a swim tail, made of a similar kinda tube material as for instance E-Z Flex.
Tail is in line secured with an 1mm (1/25.4) fluorocarbon, and the front end is tied off with a roll back technique.
Just for the fun of it, added a glass rattler on to the FC, it's very easy to do.. just slide on a remainder piece of large mylar cord and.. packed it tightly as a candy!  (Don't forget to cure it to secure it.)

The orange one is kept far more easily regarding the tail section, Just tied in two rabbit strips which gives it a more ''old skool'' Pike fly look.
Right picture.. now i don't know how to call that. (Sometimes size does matter you know.. just ask her when you catch her.)

About the hook.. I use all kind of hooks in all kind of sizes, for this particular type of synthetic woolhead, it seems that the Predator X size 8/0 does a pretty good job.

Some sphere images, just for the fun of it.

Happy fly tying to all of ya and have a nice week!

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