First post

My Blog.. it's out there in the open... never really had the time to do so.. but i guess you just have to start at a given moment. Feel free to hop on board!

First post: The Fat Bastard Woolhead.
I once read a forum/topic discussion.. they discussed about the possibilities regarding deer hair patterns like spots stripes etc.
Those patterns that can be made with deer hair couldn't be done with natural or synthetic wools.
personally i always try to see which things can be done with it whether than can't be done with it.
This head is built up from tightly packed synthetic wool layers.
I have try to use the same principle here as some deer hair specialist would/could do on fly tying symposium's.

Well I gave it a shot anyway..

It's take time for me to get used to this blogger posting.. so please be patience with me everyone.


the lonsome piker said...

Hello Raymond, that’s some way to start a blog. Those flies are absolutely amazing! I will add you to my blog list immediately, and I’m already looking forward to new posts!

James O Durbin II said...

Please post a comment and some pictures of your vise set up in the picture. I am intrigued by your station.

David Romanillos said...

without words ...wonderful
Greetings from Spain
David Romanillos

Raymond - Noordermeer. Alias: Raymundo (Artoficial Pike fly and Lure.) said...

And what a warm welcome.. thanks guys, very much appreciated.

James, it's a custom built fly tying station which still can be adjusted for personal preferences.
I'll soon see if I can make some more pictures of it.

Thanks again and best regards,


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

You are without doubt Raymond one of the most creative and innovative fly tiers I have ever come across mate. Your choice of materials and colours are sublime.

Raymond - Noordermeer. Alias: Raymundo (Artoficial Pike fly and Lure.) said...

You're far too kind Simon..
Thanks man.. really!

Henk Graafsma said...

No way Simon is far to kind Raymond.

Top of class pikeflies with attention for every detail. I'll follow the blog with intrest my friend!!!

Henk G.