Frog is highly on the menu of the Esox brigade over here In holland.
On a regular base you'll catch a pike with an still undigested frog in its mouth.. What i really like to do is to tie in that 'kicking swim' action into my fly.

I've been using fine deer hair, this will give some buoyancy but will break the surface tension slightly a bit quicker. (I want this frog to swim just a bit longer below the surface, while retrieving it.)

the space on the hook shaft (TMC 600sp size 3/0) is/was approximately the length of a thread spool..
I wanted to create a short bulky frog, with a width profile.
The choice for this hook.. These hooks reduce the leverage effect enormously, this is something i really -especially!- wanted to try out for me surface flies. (when pike often is barely hooked.)

To shape the dear hair into diver form was out of the question otherwise, the head would have becoming far too small.
So i added a foam shield on top -slightly in the shape of a frog skull- to help this froggy to dive.

Some frogalicious pics:

Almost forgot.. this frog also has a luminous nose -he has a nuclear cold- to follow him well in shady waters.

Happy fly tying and bending rods!



Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Interesting use of materials Ray...bet it moves a shit load a water mate!

Raymond - Noordermeer. Aka: Raymundo (Artoficial Pike fly and Lure.) said...

Thanks Si!

It sure does have a(shit)load displacement for a small pike fly.
I like to use it in the smaller channels over here..
It caught me a few nice spring pikes the past few days.

Love to go out fishing during springtime, when nature really comes back to life.