Lucky Frog Lure

Like that Pearl Jam song.. I'm still alive!

Very busy at the mo, which kept me from postin' to my blog.. i also noticed that I've got a few new following friends.

thanks man, much appreciated!

I recently received a request from a customer of JP from Lucky Lures  It's a fellow country man, and he makes all kind of lures.
One of those lures is a Lucky Frog which's molded on to a steel wire, with in mind that a fly tier can tie in a body of fur etc.

There goes a lot of materials into it.. (NO SHIT!)

It's for spin fishing purpose of course, so the weight wouldn't be the problem.
So i blended a-half-a-ton of northern buck tail and another-half-a-ton of fur..   I've used the bend back technique, to create some volume for the body.


The requester said he like the use of colours kept natural, so what i did was honouring those used colours of the head regarding my tying.
He rather wanted a froggy kinda action regarding the tail section.. further on i was given free mind.

Remarkable how things came about sometimes..

Two whole different ways of 'building lures', comes together as one.. and the outcome is something like this:

Well i certainly not going to tie these ones on a regular base, but it felt like a great honor to be asked for this.. I never take it for granted.

tight lines and bending rods!

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