Prey fish

There are many different Bait fish patterns, mostly tied up with synthetic hairs. (Don't get me wrong, they are fine and I used them to.)
And then there are 'the other synthetics' like tubes for instance.. which gives a fly tier a lot of new possibilities.
I started to experimenting with those kinda tubes, with several different patterns say about two years ago.. I have try to develop some of those patterns and this is one of them like it is now.

Very useful if one use them well..

Prey Fish_Hazy Blood. (Purple UV/Red and Fluoro blue.)

Mason hard mono in-line secured limiter, with bead rattle (~tick~tick~tick~tick~tick.. lol)

The length of these flies are about 6 inches.

Prey Fish_Roach. (White UV & Pearl Shimmer/White and Fluoro Orange.)

Just the other side..


Again with rockin' beads!

other matters..

I like to use short shank hooks regarding to these Flylipps™  Keep in mind that the lip is the central point, and whatever is behind it would be created resistance for your beloved 'swimming' action.
Hook sizes.. they advice to max. 2/0 I've used size 3/0 because I'm stubborn and it seems to be working well.
finally.. you really have to set that fly lip to the right angle, not really to dive so to speak. {-;

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