Articulated woolhead for pike. (Quick update.)

It's been far too long.. maybe, just maybe.. I have to introduce myself again... Hi i'm Raymond! How are you?!

Very busy lately, So it will be a fast posting to keep my friends satisfied and this blog alive..

Starting with a tandem rig hook for this pike fly, you guys in the US and CDN call this articulated right?

Solid steel wire
Mylar cord (Removed core.)
Eumer plastic tube small
Eumer silicone tube (matching the small tube)
Hook TMC 600SP Size 4/0
Hook Partridge Predator X Size 8/0

Materials tied on to rear hook, into the following order:

Bucktail large, color Hot pink and Fluor pink (Blended.) Tied in bend back style.
Saltwater mirage opal, tied in full lenght.
Micro barb saddles Ginger (4pcs.) Grizly barred (3pcs.) Tied in medium sizes.
Schlappen feathers 5-7" color White, orange, hot pink and fluor pink. Tied in layers on top of the hook shank.
Arctic fox in three colors: white, orange and fluor pink. Tied in with a dubbing loop. Hackle lenght aprox. 2.5'' (Gives a nice color shade I tell ya!)

2.5 inches ready to hackle

Materials tied on to front hook, into the following order:

Bucktail large, color Hot pink and Fluor pink (Blended.) Tied in bend back style.
Schlappen feathers 5-7" color White, orange, hot pink and fluor pink. Tied in layers 4pcs. on each side of the hook shank.
Saltwater mirage opal, tied on three quarters of a lenght.
Micro barb saddles Ginger (4pcs.) Black (3pcs.) Tied in -narrow- large sizes.
Arctic fox in three colors: black, orange and fluor pink. Tied in with a dubbing loop. Hackle lenght -see picture above- aprox. 2.5''
Two micro barb saddles size large color: Grizly bared. Tied in on each side of the hook shank. 
(I've replaced the white for black to get more contrast into the front of this pike fly.)
Wool in for colors: orange, pink, white and black. Tightly packed in several layers and cut into 'oval' shape. 
Embellishment (optional) Mallard flank feathers. Two medium and two small sizes.
Round rubber legs size large. Colors: hot pink, fluoro pink and hot orange. (Those transparent ones!)

End result..

All the best,


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