Another cuddly pike toy.

A Fat (fancy) Bastard woolhead.

Really have tried to push some boundaries on this one..

Cut into shape.. in the last phase the cutted wool almost get airborne (Thickness of one single fiber approx 24 micron.)

If you pack them really tightly, than you've kept some serious silhouette after cutting into desired shape. (Picture above is the rear end of this pike fly.)

I've been using the Partridge -Ad Swier- absolute pike fly size 4/0 and 6/0 for this articulated pike fly.
(Right picture: formed, unformed shape.)

Some pics just for the fun of it..

Its seems a little bit insane to take so much effort for a pike fly..
after a few takes this 'fly' looks like some kinda ancient battlefield flag. (And I'm just lovin it! lol)

Have a nice summer fishery,


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